As you are aware, a cold water riser pipe broke on May 22nd inside a wall in a closet on the fourth floor. We have hired a specialist that handles these types of emergencies to remove all  wet plaster from walls and ceilings from the third floor to the basement as needed.

The demolition is now compete including the Riverside lobby upper and lower ceilings and wall areas in the grand staircase and management office. We are now in the drying phase of the concrete, which is expected to be ready for repairs shortly.

The plastic containment in the northwest side of the main lobby is used to enclose the wet areas to enhance the drying time. This is being removed now and plastic will be put up to cover all exposed concrete on walls and ceilings until the repairs begin to avoid the risk of someone hurting themselves by brushing up against it or from dust falling.

Two contractors have submitted proposals for all affected areas as required by the insurance company. We expect the repairs to begin soon.

The architectural element on the ceilings of the Riverside lobby, grand staircase, management office and the northwest corner of the main lobby will be recreated as it is now.

A plumbing company is evaluating various aspects of the plumbing infrastructure to determine those particular areas of piping that should be replaced to avoid another incident as we have just experienced.

I appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Thank you,

Mitch Stein, Manager

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY