The Master Gallery

February 20 – June 6, 2021

Nature, Nurture

A Photography Exhibition by Carlos Esguerra

My main interests in photography are capturing landscapes and architecture because I want to show the beauty of nature and man-made structures. I have no interest in showing the ugliness in the world; there is enough of it already. I am not an activist or a social justice warrior. When people look at my photographs, I want them to feel in awe of the beauty of our earth and the genius of humankind, so I try to capture this beauty in a simple, uncluttered and austere way.

I do not shoot pictures with a narrative in mind, nor do I take pictures hoping to solve the problems of the world. However, if I see a scene and it hits me in the gut or in my heart, and I say, “Wow,” – it may be that I was attracted by the color, or lines, or symmetry, or form – I take the picture because I see beauty and I want to share it.

All my photographs have gone through some adjustments in Photoshop. I do not show any of my pictures without them going through some sort of post-processing. I nurture them in order to express what I want to convey in the image. I may make adjustments in the contrast, the exposure, the color saturation, or perhaps include some dodging and burning to make areas of the image lighter or darker. I like to follow the maxim of Ansel Adams – one does not take a picture, one makes it.

Carlos Esguerra

Carlos Esguerra Bio (click circle on right to open/close)

Carlos L. Esguerra was born in the Philippines, and is now living in New York City. He was in the computer field for 36 years. He took early retirement from his business to devote his time to his rediscovered passion – photography.

As a landscape and architectural photographer, he has received national and international
awards and recognition in photography. His works had been accepted in numerous juried
exhibitions in many states in the U.S. and in other countries such as Argentina, Austria,
Canada, France, Germany, and Spain.

In 2008, he received the ‘Pamana ng Pilipino’ (Philippine Heritage) Presidential Award, the
highest award given by the President of the Philippines to overseas Filipinos who excel in
their fields of expertise. In 2011 he was awarded the ‘Ani ng Dangal’ (Harvest of Honors) by
the National Council on Culture and the Arts of the Philippines. In 2014, he received the
‘Distinguished Alumni Award in Culture and the Arts’ from the University of the Philippines. In
2015, he received the Order of the Knights of Rizal – New York Chapter Award in Literature
and the Arts.

He loves to capture the beauty of nature and the genius of man composed with the least
number of elements, framed in simple and austere view. Interviewed onstage in Linz, Austria
during the Awards Ceremony for the Hasselblad Austrian Circuit, he was asked why he likes
the “quiet” or “silent” style of photography. Esguerra replied he was influenced strongly by
Japanese Zen principles. He said, “I strive to make my photographs simple, clean, and

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY