The Master Gallery

February 3 – April 24, 2022

To Look Within

Paintings by Stephen St. Surin

My interest in abstract painting was kindled in high school when reading about Pablo Picasso. His cubist approach to painting and sculpture resonated with my artistic sensibility and I found myself attracted to the energy his work emanated. One painting in particular, Guernica, a 1937 painting about the effects of war, captured my imagination, especially his use of simple shapes to create a multi-layered image. This novel approach to painting led me to perceive that everything in life has a purpose and that it, and we, are all interconnected. This was when I started experimenting with abstract forms in my art.

My paintings consist of multiple images within one – an implementation of objects, human life, nature, and fictional characters forming one image, and creating the potential for multiple interpretations for the viewer. In one way, these paintings represent freedom: freedom of expression, freedom to be different, and freedom of interpretation. I want people to freely interpret my paintings. A pupil is not just a pupil, a body is not just a body. I see more; there’s always more than initially meets the eye and I want my art to get people, like myself, to look within.

Stephen St. Surin

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY