The Master Gallery

May 4 – July 30, 2023


Photos by Mary Beth Kelly

Used metaphorically, or perhaps abstractly, a “threshold” implies that moment in time when something —usually quite dramatic and inevitable — is about to happen. It is a portal to the unknown MB Nthe possible.

The images here of actual thresholds may seem absent of such drama, but through the imagination, hint at the possibilities of their past. As I wander, I am drawn, yes, by the beauty — the exquisitely designed, carved, and polished, and to the haphazardly constructed, weathered, and forgotten relics of bygone days.

As a storyteller, I am drawn by the stories these could tell. Who stood on these thresholds? Who stomped or wiped their feet in daily comings and goings? Who simply visited? Who spent the night here huddled for warmth? Who said goodbye, here, to a beloved for the last time? And who, after knocking — family or stranger — was turned away?

I do not search for the threshold as I wander; they find me, and they beckon.
“Take me with you,” they seem to say, and so I do.

I dedicate this show to all refugees whose suffering insisted they risk everything to stand, desperate with hope, at the thresholds of others.

–Mary Beth Kelly

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY