The Gallery @ 310

Kathy Good

A multimedia show in two parts

May 2, 2024 thru July 28, 2024

Artist’s Statement:

This show is divided into two parts: Incantations and the “Wheeltown” drawings.

Incantations consists of earlier works. About 20 years ago, I started to draw and paint children’s illustrations. Many had no larger concept behind them other than to paint a whimsical character, but others would spark ideas for stories. I tend to be a visual person. My writings are like that as well, so often it helps me to sketch out these characters first, and then to create a story around them. Initially, I used watercolor, gouache, and graphite. Some of these earlier works have ink as well, but I got to the point where dark lines bothered me and I wanted a lighter touch so I had started to use pencil instead. I also used very heavy 300 lb Arches watercolor paper, but now, I have since switched to Stonehenge printing paper. This paper is less forgiving and sometimes frustrating to use, but the drawings seem to look more delicate, and that was the look I was going for.

The second half of the show is a selection of my watercolor paintings and graphite sketches from my children’s chapter book, “Wheeltown”. It’s a Gothic fairytale. Alongside the watercolor images, I have copies of the corresponding annotated pages from my sketchbook. I started this sketchbook about a year ago, because I wanted people to get a quick glimpse of what I was writing without having them to read the entire story. What came out of this was a great discovery! By doing this, it helped me develop the narrative more. There is a facsimile of this sketchbook displayed at the entrance to this show for anyone to peruse. Also, along with the illustrations, I have composed songs within the story. All the illustrations for “Wheeltown” were done on Stonehenge paper with watercolor, graphite, and color pencil. I have already written part of the sequel to “Wheeltown” and I have a prequel in mind as well.

Hopefully, my exhibit will bring you back to that place that you had forgotten a long time ago. Somewhere back in your mind. Somewhere amongst the glittering stars. Maybe, after seeing this exhibit, you will go home and try to create your own world; a land you once remembered. A land where your heart lives. I hope so.


Kathy Good is an American illustrator, writer, poet, and musician.

Kathy grew up outside of Corning, New York. Her mother taught music and kindergarten; her father was an art teacher. Her brother is a professional tuba player. He plays Principal Tuba in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. During her high school years, Kathy was primarily focused on music, playing both clarinet and piano. Along with her interest in music, she also had an interest in mathematics, which led her to study sound recording technology (the tonmeister program) at SUNY Fredonia. After graduating, she moved to New York City, and for many years, became the manager of a post-audio sound recording studio for commercials and film. In 1994, Prince had asked her to be in one of his music videos, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”. In the early 2000’s, she turned her attention away from music to completely focus on illustrating and writing, and has done that ever since. Kathy has had several art exhibits in the Upstate area. She now lives in the Lower Hudson Valley, in a purple house with a red astrological staircase, and with her magical cat Gink. And if you happen to saunter by her home (The Winklebees Home for Wayward Witches) around midnight, you might catch Kathy composing a new ditty on her pump organ in her moonlit steeple.

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY