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With Riverside Park located just outside our front door, many residents utilize the park as their back yard.
[vimeo w=600]

By: Adrian Sas

A community forms around this unique amenity on Manhattan’s west side at 105th Street.

From Chris Swingle
Here are some old candid camera video clips from this neighborhood.

At 9:03 you will see 307 103rd street in a candid camera video. The numbering still exists today as it was when the show was made:

At 6:22 of the clip below you will see 103rd street again in a candid camera video:

A short timelapse project created by resident Heath Hurwitz that focuses on the Hudson River, Riverside Park, Times Square and at 0:34, the Master Apartment Building on Riverside Drive.
[vimeo 56612671 w=600]

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY