Jeanette Winter, a resident of The Master, will be showing Iceland, Animal, Mineral, Myth, a collection of photographs and photo illustrations in The Master Gallery from January 31 – April 27, 2019.

Winter describes her journey to Iceland in a short poem entitled My Mythical Land.

My Mythical Land

A tiny troll doll. I was seven years old.

Troll pictures on walls in Uncle Bowman’s house,

talk of tomten in a Swedish accent-

this was part of my mind’s landscape when I was child.

They stayed tucked away in a corner of my consciousness.

Until 1968, when they came to the forefront again.

I wrote and illustrated my first published book-

THE CHRISTMAS VISITORS, about Norwegian trolls.

The trolls receded, forgotten, until 45 years later.

A trip to Iceland and Greenland brought them forward again-

they were there all along.

I wanted to see icebergs in Iceland – I saw horses.

I saw primeval landscapes.

I saw craggy mountains and rock formations.

I photographed the horses.

I photographed the landscapes.

And I photographed the craggy mountains and rock formations.

There I saw the hidden people, the trolls and all the folk

that might live in these crags and caves.

But the photographs didn’t seem complete, so I added the little people.

I had found their home.

Jeanette Winter

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY