You are invited to a stage reading of

Banned from Baseball

Written by Master Apartment’s Resident Patricia O’Hara, Directed by Margarett Perry

Cast: Bradford Cover, Brian Dykstra, Patrick Frederic,  Jason Kravits, Matt Lawler, Curtis Longfellow, Steve Vinovich

Monday, July 17 at 3PM and 7PM
The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row, 410 W42 St.

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The Play: It’s 1989, and the Commissioner of Major League Baseball and former president of Yale University, Bart Giamatti, and baseball’s reigning Hit King, Pete Rose, engage in personal and legal combat for the soul of America’s Pastime: a titanic battle that will leave Rose banned from baseball for life and Giamatti dead of a heart attack eight days after banishing Rose. Giamatti wants Rose’s confession at all costs, and Rose wants Giamatti to accept his denials. Neither will concede, and in the course of the tragic events, “each man kills the thing he loves” (Oscar Wilde). Running time: 80 minutes without intermission.

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY