Dear Shareholders,

If you could get back money from NYC by taking 5 minutes to fill in a form, wouldn’t you? Well that is all that it takes to apply for a variety of tax exemptions. It’s easy!

The deadline for applying for Property Tax Benefits for the 2016-2017 tax year is March 15th.  If you are a primary resident, NYC Department of Finance offers several property tax benefit programs that you may qualify for: School Tax Relief (STAR), Senior Citizen Homeowners, Disabled Homeowners, Veterans, Clergy, and the Co-op/Condo Tax Abatement program, among others. Detailed information and eligibility requirements for each program are available at:

Orsid may have been in contact with you regarding these tax benefits.  All shareholders are encouraged to evaluate whether they are eligible for these tax benefits and apply as appropriate. If you are not sure which benefits you currently receive, these were applied to your June 2015 statement and you can refer to that statement or contact Grazyna Cyprys. If you qualify for any of these benefits, these will granted during the tax year which begins July 1, 2016 and distributed at the end of the tax year in June 2017.

NYC now administers a single application for most of the exemptions and the abatement program.  An application is attached here for your convenience.

The Board of Directors

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