Dear Residents,

The first edition of the Master Apartments Directory of Services has just been released (click here). This directory has been compiled as a resource to the residents of the co-op*.  It lists services provided by individuals who live and/or work in the building and is organized by service category.

Residents and/or those who work in the building who would like to list services may send information to:  The directory will be updated on a periodic basis and service categories added as needed. The directory will be posted on the co-op’s website under “Neighborhood Services.”

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge Amy Neiman for her work on compiling the directory and those who responded to the initial invitation to list their services.
*Listing of services should not be interpreted as an endorsement of these services by the co-op. Should any dispute arise regarding services rendered and/or fees charges, these are to be resolved between the parties involved.

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY