Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement Since the Historic March

Wednesday, May 13, 2014, 7:30pm Riverside Lobby


Deborah A. Noble, DBA, MBA, Associate Professor and Mentor, Empire State College: Metro Center – Brooklyn Unit; has worked in a number of managerial roles in the telecommunications industry.

Dean Savage, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Queens College; was involved in civil rights activities through the Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE) Project in the summer of 1965. An initiative by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, SCOPE was a response to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for northern students to assist in civil rights activities in the South.

Richard Chused, JD, Professor of Law, New York Law School and author of a recent law journal article, “Dream Vignettes”, which discusses the “I Have a Dream” speech, the march to Selma, Rabbi Heschel, and other movements.

Steve Brand, MFA, Emmy Award-winning film and television producer and filmmaker, is currently working on a documentary feature on the life, thought and impact of Rabbi Heschel.

Judy Turnock, JD, co-author of “Cracking the Corporate Code: The Revealing Success Stories of 32 African-American Executives” and “The Power of Inclusion: Unlock the Potential and Productivity of Your Workforce”.

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