We Need Your Photos For MasterApts.com Website

My name is Heath Hurwitz, and I have agreed to manage the Photo Gallery section of the Master Apartments website. I am an amateur photographer, and enjoy making photographs around the neighborhood. You can find the current photo gallery here. As you can see, we need more photos. And this is where you come in. We are current looking for photo submissions that relate to the building and the neighborhood.

* People (Staff, Residents, etc…)
* Parties (Christmas Decorating, Hanukah Candle Lighting, New Years Eve Toast, etc…)
* Architecture (Apartments, Hallways, Common Areas, Lobby, Exterior, etc…)
* Neighborhood (Block Party, Riverside Park, Fireman’s Memorial, etc…)
* Pets
* Other

Submissions, Comments, and Questions can be sent to me at photos@MasterApts.com.
I look forward to seeing what we can come up with.
Thank You,

Please only submit photos that you own and can allow Master Apartments to post on MasterApts.com. Photographer will retain copyright.

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