The Garden Group at the Master Apts is going to pick up flowers for planting in our tree wells from the Block Assn on Saturday morning at 10am and plant them Sunday morning from 9:30am – 11am. If you’d like to be involved in either the selection and/or planting ofthe flowers, please contact:
Hisako Fujii at,
Kathy Ralph at, or
leave your name and contact information at the Front Desk.

Our lead gardener Mimi Daitz is out of town so additional volunteers are especially welcome!
Hisako and Kathy

From the Block Association:

Next Saturday, June 2, is beautification day for the West 102nd & 103rd Streets Block Association.  Volunteers are needed to plant flowers in tree wells (we’ll buy!), improve tree soil, and otherwise make our streets more springlike.  It’s a chance to meet your neighbors and do a little gardening. There will be refreshments.  Please register to participate by replying to this email(so we will know what quantity of plants, soil, etc. to purchase).

Meet at 10:00 a.m. in front of 862 West End Ave. at the NE corner of W. 102nd Street.  Bring gardening tools if you have them.  If not, we will provide.   For more information, or phone John Hewitt at 212-866-0229.

And heads-up: the Block Association ecology committee is seeking volunteer gardeners, tree lovers, and carpenters in the not-too-distant future to help improve the health of our street trees and rehabilitate some tree wells this summer.  More about that in an upcoming email.
If you’re interested in knowing more, please contact


310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY