Saturday April 27th, we planted annual flowers in the four tree wells to bring color throughout the summer, as our perennials come and go.  We were first in line at the West 102 & 103 Block Association distribution center on 102nd, because we knew the system: first up, best dressed!  Out of the variety of plants offered by the Block Association, we decided on marigolds, vibrant in color and with a hardy attitude to city life. Mimi Daitz (1507), Joyce Burcham (1902) and Daniel Smith (2503) planted about four dozen flowers, and watered them well. And all this was after Mimi had prepped the ground with lime, fertilizer and top soil last week. Then Mimi graciously replanted the orphan well of our next door neighbors.

We encourage all residents to pitch in with maintaining our little city oases. If you walk by the wells, pick up any small bits of rubbish—cigarette butts, plastic, whatever-and take them to the corner trash bins. Deadhead any marigold blooms that are past their prime by pinching them off just behind the faded flower—don’t confuse them with buds.

Volunteering for these building projects is a good way to meet your surprisingly interesting neighbors. While beautifying our corner with our hands in the soil, we discovered that we are all three pianists. Mimi and Daniel have had professional careers in music, and Joyce plays with a local jazz ensemble.

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY