April may start with April Fool’s Day but it ends with the annual Poetry in the Park Event celebrating April as Poetry month.  For 15 years, Master’s residents Mildred Speiser and Caroline Husted have hosted the poetry reading right here at 103rd street, on the intermediate island.  The Riverside Parks Department provided the podium, loud speaker, and chairs.

On Sunday, April 28th, more than 50 poets and poet lovers came to participate and listen, on a perfect spring day, along with dogs and cyclists who showed a passing interest in our poems! Participants from The Master included Stephen Daitz, Christina DeBano, Jim Leddy, Everett Scott, Elliot Silverstein, your hosts, and many friends and neighbors.

And this contribution describes perfectly the view from a Master’s window:

Dream Seen

                    Copper streaked skies
                   Burnish the landscape
                     Lines of gold speckled geese
                     Glide through lime algae
                     lingering shadows
                     summer sunset

Do join us in 2014 for next year’s surprises at this popular, fun event.

310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY