The Master Gallery’s fall show features veteran artist and resident, Ilene Sunshine, and runs through January 28, 2017. The opening reception, Thursday, November 3, drew an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd of friends and neighborhood and resident art enthusiasts.  The exhibition, entitled, ifs and yets, includes seven works on paper installed within a cascading frame of tree branches gathered from the neighboring Riverside Park. 

Sunshine explains, “Expanding upon my long-held interest in the blurred boundary between nature and culture, this project takes its cues from The Master’s architectural details and the building’s proximity to the park. The title, if and yets, might be nonsensical at first reading, but I hope it conveys a transitional, liminal state where transformation and transmutation take place. Our ears are more familiar with the phrase “no ifs, ands, or buts” used to imply absolute resolve, but I’m interested in considering a wider, more open arena of “ifs and yets” – a place of unexpected occurrences and invention.”



310 Riverside Drive, New York, NY