The new web site just celebrated its first anniversary, so it’s time for  a quick review of the goals and accomplishments of this project. We designed the site to provide easy access to resident information resources, foster a stronger sense of community, and project a positive public impression of The Master. In each of these areas we’ve made progress, but we need further resident support to continue this progress.

Traffic on the site has gradually increased over the past year. We’ve received 9,872 unique visitors since the site was launched. The site now regularly receives over 900 unique visitors per month (1023 in February, 875 in March, 1381 in April) up from fewer than 500 a year ago. The contributions of our editorial staff have driven this increase in traffic.

We’ve improved our general profile and search results on the Internet. The site is now the #1 result for a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search for “Master Apartments.” We’ve received 2,143 visitor referrals from search engines. The New York Times Real Estate section links references to Master Apartments to our site, and we’ve received hundreds of visitors from Controlling our search results helps us to manage our public image. We may be the only major pre-Internet NY apartment building in this position–try Googling “The San Remo” or “The Ardsley” and you’ll see why this is a great advantage.

The Information Page is the most highly-trafficked area of the site, with 1674 unique visitors over the past year. This page includes all publicly-available building documents, resident notices, and shareholder packages. This information is frequently updated as new documents become available.

The News Page attracted 842 unique visitors over the past year. This page includes an archive of public announcements and features. We’ve averaged about one post per week. General information is curated by announcements editor Steve Cutler (

In January, we started adding more general-interest content. A photo gallery was added by photo editor Heath Hurwitz ( who is curating this gallery and facilitating efforts to add more art, photography and graphics on the site. We recently announced a contest to showcase resident art in the web site header. In April, profiles editor J L Burcham ( began a series of profiles of residents, organizations, and institutions that make our building and neighborhood unique.

Looking to the Future: The site is designed for community collaboration–we’re only limited by the number of residents who are willing to contribute. We need additional support:

Events Calendar Editor: You know who you are—you’re up on everything that’s going on in the building and the neighborhood. Help us keep the events calendar on the home page complete, and post your recommendations for upcoming events.

Local Businesses Editor: Would you like to post about neighborhood restaurants, gyms, shops, and services? Or help residents find reliable contractors, realtors, baby sitter or other service providers? Or ask local businesses to provide special discounts and offers for building residents? Any or all would be great.

We’re only looking for one post a month–more if you’d like. If you’re interested, contact site administrator Bill Rutledge (

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